Graphic Design Needs and
Animal Portraits in Oil

Animal portraits from your photos or mine. Contact me for more information, as each portrait is handled individually according to the needs of clients.

Best to reach me with the email below. I won't answer my phone for an unknown number but feel free to leave a message and your contact information and I'll gladly get right back to you.     574-312-8309

Pookie: Domestic Shorthair SOLD Commission

pic of pookie painting      

Diego: Domestic Shorthair SOLD Commission

pic of diego painting     

pic of diego painting     

Diego on Diego: The Ultimate Critique

pic of diego with his painting     

Hadassah: Miniature Donkey Not For Sale

pic of hadassah painting     

Bugsy: Black and White Domestic Shorthair

pic of bugsy painting     

Rain, Rain, Go Away. Harry Wants to Play Today: Tuxedo SOLD

pic of harry door painting     

Harry: Tuxedo Domestic SOLD

pic of harry painting     

Best Friends Scratch Your Itches: Loveway Derby Day Gala Fundraiser Donation SOLD

pic of donation painting     

Simon: Seal Point Siamese SOLD Commisson

pic of Simon painting     

Simon: Seal Point Siamese Unveiling Party

pic of unveiling party     

Saezar : Savannah Cat   SOLD Commision

pic of Saezar painting     


Lil' Sis: Domestic Shorthair

pic of Lil' Sis painting     


Buzzy: Domestic Shorthair

pic of Buzzy painting     


3 Day Event: Rolex Kentucky

pic of Rolez horse painting     


The Meow: Barn Cat

pic of Sisters painting     


Spencer: Tiger

pic of Spencer painting     


Sisters: Barn Cats

pic of Sisters painting     


Cagney & Lacey: Rhode Island Red and Silver Laced Wyandotte SOLD

pic of The Girls painting    


Team Work: Percherons Bonneville Mill 

pic of Team Work painting